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devongreen replied to your photo “This is how someone in my house opened the cereal this morning. Like…”

Take them to small claims court

At least someone understands the severity of the situation.




Being vegan is hard. But not in the way most people think.

It’s hard because we constantly think about the animals who are suffering, and whose lives are ending. Being vegan is hard because at least for me, my heart hurts constantly.

Eating and living vegan is easy. Constantly being reminded about animals being tortured and murdered is hard. 

What about people who hate thinking about all the plants that are dying so you can eat?

I’d ask if they have any critical thinking skills whatsoever. They must not realize livestock eat a ton, and you’re contributing to killing many more plants as a result. I’d also tell them they’re incredibly unfunny and original because I know no one holds that opinion and they’re just being an unfunny and unoriginal shit.